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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Today is the day after the art sale.

The art sale was fun and I talked to many friends and customers. I didn't get to do my 5 x 5 collages today, or yesterday or the day before that. What I did get to do was create a bunch of prodotypes (is that spelled right? is this even a word?) for the Madison Zoobilee (I will post those tomorrow). I also put together a Sailor Valentine that I submited tonight to Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. All is good! 

A random shot of my portfolio.
Here is the box top that I worked on tonight.
For background information google Sailor Valentine images. This is a very loose representation of a Sailor Valentine.
This is the inside of my box. There is a cut out watercolor on the left side. She really isn't part of the project.
And this is a cut out watercolor girl with an octopus leg on her dress. I have no idea where she came from or how I got there.

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