Welcome to my Blog. I do Watercolors, Angels, Cards and Collage everyday. Here are some of my creations.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dropped off art at the Urban Edge Gallery in Waukegan opening was last Saturday. I can't believe I didn't even take a photo of my piece. Oh my.

Next work on Angel drawings. I have come full circle---I am drawing again with prismacolor pencils. My favorite media in 1984-1991. Yes I have been drawing for a very long time. Totally switched to watercolor in 1992. AND love my collages that I started in 2007.

Don't have images of any of my old prisma color drawings on my computer. Here's a painting from 2002.

Magic Garden Ideas

Sent off three sketches for the Magic Garden public art project at The Art Center in Highland Park.
Whimsical Lady Bug

Dr. Suess Inspired Mushroom

Fairy Winged Butterfly

Today was the deadline. These are the sketches I sent in.