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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

090909 Day 16

Good Cleaning today. Did wash, and got everything off the bed in my DD's room. Still have to attack the dining room table. Why is the dining room table such a paper magnet? (I know I have asked that before!)

Talked to Barbara today! Good to hear her voice. She is in Monrovia CA. I was worried about the fires out there. She told me they have heat, smoke, but no ash and there is no immediate fire threat. She is working on her card business. Way to go girl! Best tip for a great cheap treat---McDonalds Sundae on the dollar menu. Sounds good to me!

These are the layouts that I did for Zoobilee in Madison on Monday and Tuesday.


A Bear Paw Quilt Bench

Mary had a Little Lamb

A Graffiti Penguin Angel

A Pink Princess and the Pea Flamingo

Off to do a couple of collages.

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