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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 6 was Saturday

Paris Journey
5" x 5"

Blue Journey
5" x 5"

Saturday got up and meet DD for coffee. Mailed bills and cleaned in the basement twice. (Before lunch and after lunch---did I eat lunch?) Went to the studio for a couple of hours in the middle and cleaned there too.

Spent a lot of time looking for a stamp set that was right where it belonged.

Went to McHenry and stamped with the Art Chics. Did the collages last. It's hard to collage at 11:00 pm. (too late)  It's hard to collage when you have been stamping (making cards to match samples). It is really using two different parts of your brain.

I will post the cards we stamped on my Card blog on Monday.

I have not done my collage for today. I did find lots of collage material when I cleaned my desk upstairs. Maybe it's okay if I don't collage on Sunday. I will have to collage two times on Monday. That sounds good to me!

We are going to have record cold tonight. It is fall!

I am a day behind.


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