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Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 5---Sketchbook Collage

Linda's Garage Sale this morning. It was rainy. It was wet. It was fun!

This year Linda, Sue and I have been meeting up on the last Friday of the month. This is good. Old friends are good. (Our history goes back 30 years---We all started working at Hewitt Associates in 1979!) It's nice to have friends with history.

I didn't make it to the studio today. I spent most of the afternoon cleaning in the basement. Did you know that cleaning can be like a collage treasure hunt? I found glitter---lots of glitter. (3 different stashes---sorry Lizzie no pink!) I didn't use it in todays collage but maybe next week. Glitter only works in moderation.

Did you know that a CD is almost 5 inches across. (4.75" to be correct) Since my trusty template was at the studio I used a CD and a ruler and I did this collage is in my sketchbook.

Women Artists
4.75" x 4.75"
Magazine, Scrapbook Paper, Prismacolor Pencil and Ink with gluestick on paper

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  1. Lezlie - I really like the Women Artists collage! Very cool! :-)
    Hugs - Kristina