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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

36 Angel Card Designs for Labor Day Show

So I had this really great idea. I am working on 36 angels (a few are cats) in a minature format for card designs for the Artisan show on Labor Day in Lake Forest.

Just love the fact that when I give myself a project---I learn as I go.

Here is my first set. Have only painted the blue and black to start. What I learned---Don't forget to leave some space between the angels for trimming. Simple to fix.

Here is the second batch. What I learned---Work on a smaller piece of paper so it fits in my scanner. I did  remembered to add space between the images!

Here is the third batch penciled tonight.
the red mark are eraser. (I will touch up at the studio. This sheet of watercolor paper fits in my scanner. Lost the lines on the far right and the bottom. A few more cats on this sheet.

Tomorrow I teach. That makes Friday my card design marathon day!

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