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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 34

Now that I am packing, shipping and ready to leave for my collage retreat in Portland OR. I leave for Art and Soul on Monday---It is time to finish up all of my 40 collages.
I seem to have gotten out of the groove of one hour of cleaning, one collage a day and blogging everyday.

I actually like cleaning and love collage. And having a blog ROCKS. As my forty days of collage ends I plan to continue this for the next four hundred days. May need to change the name of this blog! LOL

I did find myself going back to watercolor without collage, so maybe it will just have to be: clean, collage, and watercolor everyday. AND blogging once a week!

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  1. Especially love the Mac picture. Something about the squiggly lines around the lake. Making her wings...? I'm also loving the Red Dot pic. Super cute!! Keep it up, you've got lots of catching up to do, girlfriend!